ENVIOS GRÁTIS a partir de 50€ (Portugal Continental) | Envios 24h a 48h úteis

ENVIOS GRÁTIS a partir de 50€ (Portugal Continental) | 24h a 48h

Shipping and Returns


Orders are delivered up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS after ordering. Delivery is made by the carrier designated by NATURE HEALS.

Shipping costs will be added to the order, according to the table below 

We reserve the right to ship partial orders (at no additional cost to you), and the quantity of any partially shipped order may be charged at the time of shipment.

Payment Methods

In the online store www.natureheals.pt, NATURE HEALS offers the User the following payment methods:

  1. cash on delivery,
  2. bank transfer
  3. MBWAY
  4. ATM reference;
  5. Credit Card

As indicated in the payment menu when finalizing the purchase, and no other means of payment will be accepted.

You must pay only the exact amount specified in the confirmation of each order, and you must do so using only the payment methods described above. Otherwise, if the Customer attempts to use another payment method not provided for, NATURE HEALS shall not be liable for the loss of the payment or any other damages that may result therefrom.

Confirmation or Cancellation

After making your purchase, the Customer will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the transaction which should be printed or saved for future reference. 

Your order will only be processed after confirmation of your payment. In case of non-payment or non-compliance or non-confirmation of these General Conditions, NATURE HEALS reserves the right not to accept the customer’s order, or to cancel it, even after automatic confirmation of the same.

 NATURE HEALS reserves the right not to confirm and/or proceed with the delivery of the products of the order placed by the Customer, regardless of the reason and exempt from liability for any damages or costs, if: 

– any unforeseeable event or change in current circumstances that may affect production, transportation and related costs, or cause abnormal increases in raw material prices;

– if, for any reason, it is impossible to correctly collect and receive the respective payment;

– if the ordered products are no longer available; 

– if the order has been placed with errors in the data essential for the delivery of the order;

– if the order is flagged by the website’s security systems as an incorrect, irregular and/or fraudulent order.

In any of the cases mentioned, NATURE HEALS will inform the Customer by e-mail of the impossibility of confirming the sale and the consequent cancellation of the order, returning the amount paid for the items.


Delivery is made by the carrier designated by NATURE HEALS. Shipping costs will be added to the order, according to the table.

Delivery Deadlines

Barring some exceptional situation, the articles will be delivered within a maximum of 7 working days (for on-order articles) after the order is formalized. In case of occurrence of delay due to force majeure, NATURE HEALS undertakes to inform the Customer and to make its best efforts to quickly resolve the situation.


The customer who wishes to return one or more items may do so within 14 days after receiving the order, provided that the products are intact, sealed, complete and in their original packaging, which must not be damaged, altered or scratched.
You must ensure that the returned item(s) arrive(s) at our facility within 28 days of delivery.

It is only possible to return a pack in its entirety. If the customer wishes to return a product that is part of a pack, he must return all the products that make up the pack. All products must meet the aforementioned guidelines.

The return of incomplete, damaged, or scratched products, as well as products without the original packaging and/or label, or products with signs of having been used, will not be accepted.

Products that have an expiration date of less than one month will also not be accepted for return, nor will offers or products exchanged.

If we receive an item in the above conditions or with the shipping agent’s label attached directly to the package, the customer will lose the right to a refund and will have 10 days to collect the item(s) at our facilities, bearing the collection costs.

If the NATURE HEALS product/packaging arrives damaged:

1) You must report the damage to the carrier when you receive the package;
2) You must accept the order (if the order is returned, the return costs are non-refundable);
3) You must inform us as soon as possible and send us pictures of the damage to encomendas@natureheals.pt with your order number;
4) We will contact the carrier immediately;
5) We will take action to collect the damaged item and deliver another one.

If your NATURE HEALS product is defective:

1) You must report and send us photos of the defect, to encomendas@natureheals.pt with your order number;
2) We will initiate new production and subsequent shipment if it is defective.
NOTE: The photograph is mandatory in this process.

Reimbursement of shipping costs:

If the reason for the return of the order was the responsibility of NATURE HEALS, we will refund the shipping costs (e.g. defective products or items different from those actually ordered).
However, if, in an order of multiple products, only one has experienced a problem, we will not refund the shipping charges. If the return of the product is equal to the total value of the order (the customer at the time of purchase benefited from free shipping), the NATURE HEALS will only refund the value of the product by subtracting EUR 3.90 + VAT of the postage that was charged to the company in this shipment.
If the return is the responsibility of the customer, NATURE HEALS will refund the value of the product only when it is received in perfect condition (unopened and/or undamaged).

Whenever possible the refund should be made by the same method of payment, but if this is not possible, the user must present proof of payment and account or card ownership, so that the refund can be made by Bank Transfer.

For more information about our return policy:

Contact us via email at encomendas@natureheals.pt and have your NATURE HEALS order number handy.
Contact us to receive a Return Authorization Number.
All returns must have an authorization number. We will not process your return without one.
Place the NATURE HEALS package in the package that was shipped and clearly mark the Return Authorization number on the outside of the package.
You must use a trackable shipping service when returning your order to our warehouse, without atracking number we have no way to verify where your order is.


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