ENVIOS GRÁTIS a partir de 50€ (Portugal Continental)

ENVIOS GRÁTIS a partir de 50€ (Portugal Continental)

We care about your health.
We value Nature.

Nature Heals is a Portuguese company, born in 2019 with the goal of simplifying the purchase and promoting health and a healthy lifestyle, through the use of natural supplements, of superior quality, and clean cosmetics.

The online store specializes in the field of Integrative Natural Health, supporting health professionals and clients in a holistic way that seeks to treat causes rather than symptoms.

We believe that the right products can make a big difference and we work hard to bring you the best.

Led by Susana Águas and César Águas. Susana has a degree in Eng. Food, Naturopath and Post-Graduate in Functional Nutrition, with 16 years of clinical practice in Natural Integrative Medicine. César Águas, your husband, is an Eng. Geologist and responsible for the company’s management.

It was through him in 2007, when non-celiac gluten sensitivity was detected, that this journey began. Susana says that when she thinks of him at that time, she has the image of a young man, but always tired, always with the need to get some sleep after meals. He reports that it was a complicated period, where substantial changes had to be made in daily routines, especially in eating habits. But removing gluten from the diet did not prove to be enough. Susana with her deep belief that there is always more to do, rolled up her sleeves. Researched. He studied. He wanted to find the answers that conventional medicine was not giving us, and that is when he immersed himself, body and soul, in Natural Medicine.

Our intention is to ensure that we offer personalized, clinically proven advice. Our team is available to clarify any doubts about our products by phone, e-mail, or whatsapp.

Choose your next step toward a healthier life

We are committed to sharing credible information with scientific evidence.

We present to you, in a clear and simplified way, the latest studies in the area of health and well-being. We bring you easy and practical recipes, for the whole family, that enhance your well-being and give you back your health and vitality. We give you our opinion about the products we have in the store. All products go through us before we bring them to you. Your confidence comes first.

If you are working with a health professional who has recommended a product to you, you should always consult him/her before talking to us, because he/she is the one who has access to your complete case history.

If for any reason you are unable to get in touch with the health care provider following you and need help, we will always do our best to help you.

The supplements you will find in our store, are of excellence, carefully selected, being mostly products with GMP certification, with high quality ingredients, natural, vitamins under the active formula, free of artificial sweeteners, chemicals and harmful substances, allergens or preservatives that meet what you need to optimize your metabolism, improve your health and increase your levels of well-being.

All cosmetic products are organic or handcrafted, non-GMO, not tested on animals, and certified, ensuring our dedication to sustainability and socially conscious practices.

For you, for your health, and for the planet.

We are happy to have you here with us.
We recommend what we love.

To live up to its full potential,
whatever your age.


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